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CrewCollect by Fenex is a blockchain powered, secure payment processing platform designed  to simplify per diem management, payments and reconciliation. CrewCollect can facilitate per diem disbursement by transferring funds to any method selected by the crew member. This includes bank accounts, existing credit cards, prepaid cards, Paypal accounts or even cash in any currency required.

How does it work ?

  • Airline deposits local currency per diem funds into their CrewCollect account

  • Airline uploads per diem file after the flight has pushed back

  • The CrewCollect platform processes the file and makes per diem funds available to crew through the method they have selected via the CrewCollect mobile app

  • Once the service is completed, a confirmation file is sent back to the airline

The airline can also login into their CrewCollect account anytime to see their account balance, transaction history, or transfer their funds back into their bank account.

CrewCollect offers airlines around the world the flexibility to automate their per diem processing requirements to ensure increased operational efficiency and security at an affordable cost.