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, dB2B Payments & Commission Management

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The Fenex dB2B Payments and Commission Management Platform can be utilised as a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) and Commission Management tool that delivers a range of benefits to both Travel Agents and Suppliers.

  • Fenex’s dB2B solution delivers businesses the opportunity to simplify business settlement and payment options

  • The dB2B platform speeds up the settlement process and reduces costs in the process

  • The cost of each transaction is less than half of the present day cost
    – A typical VCC Transaction can take as long as 5 days to settle, average is 3 days
    – The fENEX dB2B settlement will be next day and even same day in many cases
    – dB2B sends money in as little as 1-48 hours. other services take 5 days. days!

  • The dB2B platforms connects multi-currency funding accounts with international and local banks

  • A token is passed between the two entities (rather than a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)) to initiate settlement of the transaction

  • It is anticipated the dB2B Payments & Commission Management Platform will have industry wide adoption similar to that of the VCC

, dB2B Payments & Commission Management

How the Fenex dB2B Platform Works

, dB2B Payments & Commission Management

Travel Agent Benefits

  • More efficient, transparent virtual payment system

  • Reduction in payment and collection costs

  • Equal or better rebates than VCC’s

  • Ability to manage booking payment & commission collection in one system (even in one transaction)

  • No PCI Compliance Requirements

Supplier Benefits

  • Up to 50% cheaper than VCC acceptance

  • Substantially reduced operational errors

  • Faster & more transparent payment option

  • No PCI requirement for payment acceptance as fully end to end encrypted message format