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A globally supported online digital wallet with a powerhouse of capability to support Pay-in and Pay-out solutions across multiple currencies, channels and user access hierarchies. The Fenex Multi-Currency Digital Wallet is a full turn-key solution for digital commerce and fund management.

Digital Wallet Features

  • Support for all types of accounts:

    • Fiat currencies such as USD, GBP and JPY
    • Virtual currencies such as reward points, gift cards, vouchers and loyalty points
    • Precious metals like gold and silver
    • Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH etc
  • eWallets can be used as a debit and credit card management system or as a prepaid card loading platform

  • Full set of APIs to connect to the online wallet system to create users, create transactions and process remittances

  • Support for transaction notifications

  • Blockchain APIs for supported payments

  • Support for hyperlink to blockchain information to provide proof of payment , proof of receipt and proof of delivery

  • Administration control panel with system user management, transactions, accounts, currency, reporting and support management

What Are The Benefits?

  • Identification of fraudulent and suspicious transactions

  • Total transparency of deposits, merchant payments, non-currency payments and withdrawals

  • Merchant invoicing system for fiat , points , vouchers, cards etc

  • Support for multi-currency real time pricing, indicative pricing and set pricing

  • Linking to blockchain to provide full transaction transparency and proof of payment, settlement and supporting smart contracts

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