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dB2B Payments & Commission Management

Fenex’s dB2B solution provides businesses with the opportunity to disrupt current business to business settlement and payment options.

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Virtual Terminal

Eliminate costly processes with one streamlined processor. Receive payments via Credit & Debit Cards, ACH Bank Transfers, Phone, In-Person & Delivered Forms. Fenex offers a single gateway for all payment methods at a competitive rate.

Alternate Currency
POS Terminal

FENEX POS Accepts traditional card payments including Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay as well as newer alternate payment channels such as WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Invoicing Platform

The Fenex Multi-Currency Invoicing Platform eliminates the frustrations of managing debtors by completely automating the follow-up process for unpaid invoices.

Digital Wallet

A globally supported online digital wallet with a powerhouse of capability to support Pay-in and Pay-out solutions across multiple currencies, channels and user access hierarchies.

Blockchain Rewards

Fenex utilizes patented blockchain and smart contract technology to deliver a range of unmatched benefits to a highly divided industry.

e Voucher
/ V Gift

eVoucher The eVoucher system allows vouchers and coupons to be customized, generated and issued via a web based administration management portal.

VGift Allows your customers to purchase a virtual gift card to distribute to family & friends.

Multi-Currency Pricing

When international customers are shopping online in a currency they are not familiar with, they are often unaware of what the final transaction amount will be. This situation may increase chargeback risks for merchants.

Txn Router

The Fenex Txn Router allows rapid integration and acceptance for new payment types and channels into a travel suppliers booking engine.


BlocRec by Fenex is a next generation blockchain powered reconciliation engine with artificial intelligence and optical character recognition technologies embedded, providing enhanced data capability and simplified reconciliation all added to the Fenex blockchain for transparent, safe and secure access and storage.