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We deliver multi-functional, user-friendly solutions
supported by robust & dynamic security systems

Powered by AI, modern Internet and SaaS technologies, Fenex provides an innovative network of payment products and services, set to revolutionise B2B transactions. Our platform gives businesses the power to digitize receivables, automate processing, diminish time-to-cash, reduce transaction fees, and generates additional revenue opportunities.

Founded by a team of industry leaders with over 50 years combined experience in payment and finance technology, foreign exchange and loyalty, Fenex is at the forefront of the global payments technology industry, providing innovative platforms and systems for merchants and partners worldwide.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Fenex offers SMEs within a number of industries unique PaaS solutions that facilitate multicurrency payment acceptance and transfer of funds in a secure environment.

What we do

FENEX can provide the technology and support required for a range of innovative payment products for both issuance and acceptance.

Multi currency Cards
Flexible multi currency fund management

Visa & MasterCard Loading Solutions
Push funds to any Visa and / or MasterCard product globally.

Alternate Currency Cards
Prepaid cards links to gold bullion or loyalty point accounts

Merchant solutions
Payment gateways, mobile payments, cash/card acceptance solutions, foreign currency management solutions. E.g. DCC and MCP

Loyalty & rewards solutions
Cashback programs & point management solutions

GeoMarketing solutions
Communicate offers or events to members or customers via Geo fencing

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2/8 Eton St, Nundah QLD 4012

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